Sprayfish Non-OEM Replacement Parts for the KREMLIN® Xcite® Air-Assisted Airless Manual Spray Gun

Are you looking for high-quality replacement parts for your KREMLIN® Xcite® Manual Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun?  You've come to the right place!  We believe once you've tried our parts and tips, you won't want to use anything else moving forward!

We have over 20 years combined experience working with these manual air-assisted airless spray guns.  Please give us the opportunity to review your maintenance, troubleshooting, or operational questions and show you our level of expertise.  We are very passionate about educating our customers on their equipment and parts needs!

Our non-OEM Parts are not manufactured by the OEM. These replacement parts help our customers drastically reduce their cost of ownership with their equipment while maintaining high-quality materials and construction. Let us help you save money today!​

Gun Trade-In Program

Looking to replacement your old Xcite® gun? Trade-In your Kremlin® Xcite® Gun to get $200.00 off of your new Iwata MSGS-200 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun. The MSGS-200 uses the same Kremlin® tips and gun screens, so you don't have to worry about starting fresh on your tip collection!

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Sprayfish Non-OEM Kremlin® Xcite® VX24 Aircap Assembly 132-720-020
Sprayfish Non-OEM Kremlin® Style Standard & Fine Finish Tips for Xcite® AVX ATX Air-Assisted Airless Spray Guns
Sprayfish Non-OEM Kremlin® Xcite® Seat Holder Assembly, No Seat, Includes Insert, 129-729-907

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Sprayfish's Non-OEM Parts for KREMLIN® Brand Equipment Disclaimer

Sprayfish's Non-OEM Aftermarket Parts are not manufactured or warranted by EXEL Industries SA, Sames Kremlin SA, Sames Kremlin Inc. Nor is Sprayfish, Inc. affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or authorized as a distributor by these companies, KREMLIN® and XCITE® are registered trademarks of Sames Kremlin SA and EXEL Industries SA, respectively. Sames Kremlin SA claims rights in the marks ATX and AVX. 

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