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Spray-Tech/Junair is a leading paint booth manufacturer. They produce high-performance automotive, truck, large equipment, open-faced, & aircraft paint booth finishing systems in Rialto California. They also produce high-quality paint mix rooms, clean environmental rooms, dust & powder collection booths, and industry-leading accessories.  As a leading manufacturer of industrial finishing systems, they comply with all OSHA and NFPA standards.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Automotive Paint Booth System
Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Open-Faced Paint Booth System
Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Liquid Paint Mix Room Storage

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Spray Tech Junair is a Leading Paint Booth Manufacturer

Learn more about the products below that have set Spray Tech Junair apart from the rest. Spray Tech is America's premier finishing company.

Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Table Top Bench Paint Booth System

bench booth Series

Table Top Booths

The Spray Tech Bench Booths are built to the same exacting standards as all other Spray Tech booths, the small paint booth was conceived more than a decade ago as the perfect solution for all sorts of jobs.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Open-Faced Paint Booth System

paint booth series

Open-Faced Paint Booths

The Spray Tech Open-Faced Booths are designed for exhausting dust, harmful vapors, and paint fumes. Whatever your finishing application, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom built solutions as per your specific needs.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Automotive Paint Booth System

paint booth series

Automotive Paint Booths

The Spray Tech Automotive Series Spray Booths contain all of the highly regarded features our customers have come to expect, in an affordable ETL listed spray booth package that includes Air Make-Up, Advanced Pressure Control, Ducting Kits and everything you need to get up and running.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Automotive Truck Paint Booth System

paint booth series

Truck Paint Booths

The Spray Tech Truck Booths are state-of-the-art truck paint booth enclosures that mark a cutting edge modern design. It will ensure a superior fit and finish, and rapid installation of your booth. We make sure that our truck paint booths are manufactured to reduce maximum energy costs using best engineering practices.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Prep-Station Paint Booth System

paint booth series

Prep-Station Booths

The Spray Tech Prep-Station Booths are specially designed for an easy in, easy out, contaminant-free environment for preparation and priming.  The start of a great finish is in a clean, well-lit environment that is also safe for workers to perform their tasks with ease to achieve the best possible results.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Mercury Air Make-Up Systems

air make-up Series

Mercury Heated AMU Systems

The Spray Tech Air Make-Up Direct-Fired Heater Units replenishes contaminated air that is exhausted from a spray booth or other building processes with clean, heated outdoor air maintaining a stable temperature inside the building. These units can also be configured for vertical or horizontal installations.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Dust and Powder Collection Systems

dust collector Series

Dust or Powder Collection

The Spray Tech Dust Collection system units are designed to increase the quality of the air and reclaim the coating material used in industrial and commercial finishing processes. Our cylindrical cartridges are used to trap powder or dust particles and through the operation of a reverse pulse of air allows the excess contaminates to be discharged into a collection tray.

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Liquid Paint Mix Room Storage

mix room series

Paint Mixing Room

The Spray Tech Paint Mixing Rooms provide a clean ventilated work area for mixing and storing paint. Our advanced paint mixing rooms are designed and manufactured by Spray-Tech/Junair are well illuminated with our industry-leading 5th generation LED lights. 

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Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair Clean Room Systems

clean room Series

Environmental Enclosures

Whenever the Spray Tech Clean Room substructure or multiple room structure is needed, a cleanroom or an environmental enclosure will excel at providing an extremely attractive, sturdy, and clean environment for housing your paint booths, powder booths, and application equipment.

Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair DX or Evaporative Cooling

air conditioning Series

DX Coil & Evaporative Cooling

The Spray Tech DX & Evaporative Cooling is a refrigeration system that brings cool conditioned air to your process.  This is especially advantageous to automated painting systems so that the paint mixture does not have to change. 

Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair QAD Enhanced Curing Paint Booth System

Enhanced Curing Series

Quality Air Drying Systems

The Spray Tech QADs™ - 'Quality Air Drying Systems' is a patented Auxiliary Air Movement System. Heated air from QADs™ envelops the entire work space, ensuring that the recommended cure temperature is achieved quickly. On most spray booth ovens, QADs™ will easily achieve temperature of 60° C/140° F within a 10-minute period.

Sprayfish - Spray Tech Junair LED Lighting

Lighting Series

LED Paint Booth Lighting

The Spray Tech LED paint booth lighting products are extremely energy efficient. We have a complete collection of industrial lighting applications. These lights are Class 1, Division 2 Inside Access Fixtures. Spray-Tech/Junair produces world-class industrial light fixtures for use in any finishing environment.

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